Terms and Workflows

Your base URL is https://beta.api.rumo.co/$source. Please note we are in Beta stage.

Using the base URL, you will identify your business content database as a specific source, and your key will allow you to recognize that same source.

Once you’re using Rumo, you’ll be asked to submit your content, including keywords. You can have multiple catalogs in your content database, and different catalogs can represent the same content. A catalog is a subset of all the content stored in the content database. You can retrieve a catalog using filters.

Ready to start?

  1. Create an accout - join Rumo, receive your key, and start working.
  2. Submit content – organize your content in a comprehensive database for Rumo to provide you recommendations.
  3. Test and verify – once your content is processed, you can generate test queries to review and validate your implementation.
  4. Integrate – plug it and start receiving recommendations; Rumo follows the RESTful API standard to smoothen the integration process.
  5. Monitor and optimize – after Rumo integrates with your service, you can access analytics to monitor usage, and override the content recommendations using whitelists and blacklists.