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We share our release updates with Beta testers via email (your Rumo account email) and through our slack. Follow one or both channels while using Rumo in a production environment.

Rumo as a beta program is the first step to a self-serve approach to content recommendations. As Rumo grows, we will release more features that help you implement an elegant personalization for your customers.

We will expand Rumo around three main features that improve personalization.

  1. Advanced recommendations: you will be able to recommend content based on what you know about a given user (user-to-content recommendations);
  2. Content expertise: you will be able to add specific keywords to your content (semantic enrichment) and to categorize those keywords (taxonomy management);
  3. Granular control: you will progressively have access to more data-points related to your users, and your Rumo’s account activities, including:
    1. data-control features;
    2. A/B testing;
    3. and tools to manage your filters.

We appreciate your contribution, which we analyze together with Rumo’s monitoring. Share your feedback.