Retrieving Content Piece

Object representing the verification of a specific content piece.

Endpoint - GET /$source/content/$contentID

Header Value Description
x-api-key Your API key String representing the value of the API key we sent you when you joined Rumo.

Example request:

curl -X GET \{{$source}}/content/{{$contentID}} \
  -H 'x-api-key: Your_Rumo_API_Key' \

JSON response

    "id": "1",
    "label": "Toy Story (1995)",
    "categories": {
        "genres": [
        "directors": [
            "John Lasseter"
    "filters": {},
    "extras" : {
            "img_url" : ""
Returns Level Description
id 1 String used to identify a content piece.
label 1 String used to label a content piece, representing, for example, a movie headline, a song title, or whatever the nature of the content.
categories 1 Field value object, where fields can be anything and are used to classify each content piece. The field value can be either a string map (non-weighted categories), or an object map (weighted categories).
filters 1 String used to establish limits to the pool of content. The effectiveness of your filters depends on the quality of the keywords you use within your content.Your access to filters depends on your subscription plan.
extras 1 String used to store information about your content. These informations will not be used by the recommendation system.