Rumo is the recommendation system for your creative industry. Why?

  • It lets you upload your content quickly via our API.
  • It gives you fast access to recommendations.
  • It works with any creative content and with any device.
  • It uses transparent algorithms and data you can control.
  • It uses semantic metadata to explain recommendations in a language you and your customers understand, creating a personalized experience.

Rumo uses a private API that follows the RESTful API standard. It needs you to create an account to submit queries. How?

  • Join Rumo.
  • Check the terms and conditions.
  • Wait for us to send you the information you’ll need to proceed.
  • Start using Rumo by uploading your content and submitting queries.

What’s on our side? We appreciate you waiting (less than 24 hours) for us to:

  • send you a first email confirming your submission, once you joined Rumo;
  • send you a second email once your account is approved, with the API key and further instructions.